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An established General Insurance (GI) agency specializing in catering to the insurance needs of companies as well as High Net Worth Individuals. We believe in providing the best advisory work in General Insurance with integrity by putting YOUR interest before ours. In fact, we are not so concerned about the anticipated risks. Like you, we are more concerned about risks that you might not be prepared to manage or undertake.

Businesses confront an increasing danger of cyber threats in the digital era. The ramifications of such situations, which range from ransomware attacks to data breaches, can be disastrous in terms of not only monetary loss but also harm to one’s brand and client base. Cyber insurance can help with that. Do you know that, on average, companies in Singapore that are hit by ransomware attacks are paying an average of around S$1.5 million? At Raffles Provident, we are here to minimize the risks that are exposed to you or your company.

Our Story

Raffles Provident started off as a traditional GI advisor, focusing on personal insurance services, pricing of premium, and building long-term working relationships with clients and prospects. The founder of Raffles Provident, Andrew Ang, has 13 years of experience in organizing seminars, workshops, road shows, and participating in exhibitions and trade-shows. He has brought his expertise into Raffles Provident by using these platforms to engage clients and keep them well enriched. A recent example is the March/June Health & Wealth 2024 seminar, a collaboration with Parkway Pantai & Ascle Medical Group

With his customers’ interest always in mind, Andrew, who holds a First Class Honours in Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Surrey, used his Engineering knowledge to create the RafflesProvident.com online portal. This is done so to provide an incredible experience for his clients, with the provision of 24 hours online insurance sales support through the portal.

The main features of Raffles Provident include:

  • E-Purchase: https://rafflesprovident.com.sg/sompo-insurance/ for Sompo products.
  • E-Welfare: 10% of the agent’s commission will be set aside and channeled into the client’s employee’s welfare programs like company Family day or the company Annual Dinner & Dance.
  • E-Vents: 5% of agent’s commission will be set aside and channeled into the client’s employee’s education program like Money mentor workshop for the children as well as Health & Wealth seminar for the employees.
  • E-Claim: Online or E-submission of an insurance claim to expedite the claim processing.
  • E-offers: Discount offers given to the client’s employees. For example, an additional 10% discount for the motor cars or travel insurance purchased by the client’s employees.


Today, Raffles Provident has expanded to an agency with 16 advisors. The range of products offered has also been extended to Businesses. For businesses, we offer a wide range of commercial insurance products and employee benefits solutions. We work with 3 of the best General Insurance providers in Singapore, each having their own competitive edge. These insurers have been chosen carefully, with optimizing customer’s experience and interests placed as priority. We will compare the various offerings from the general insurers that we represent, and recommend the most suitable solution(s) based on your needs and preferences.

For the individuals, we offer a full range of personal line products. In addition, under our specialty “Private Client Services”, we offer bespoke solutions for High Net-worth Individuals to cover their assets, such as yachts, personal collectibles, art collections, and precious stones.

Being an established market player with a sizable portfolio, Raffles Provident is able to differentiate from our competitors by providing insurance services with comprehensive coverage and affordable premium.

Have any more queries? Let us help you!

At Raffles Provident, we believe that quality client service from our end enables a fruitful and positive relationship between us, and you. To this end, we would love to have a dialogue with you at your discretion, and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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