Cyber Protector

Cyber Protector

Cyber Protector is the first-ever online risk insurance plan offered in Singapore to protect individuals and families in the event of an online breach by third parties. It is the perfect solution to ensure comprehensive protection for activities conducted on the internet without disrupting your modern lifestyle or the convenience you have been accustomed to.


First Personal Cyber Insurance Policy

Cyber Protector is the first-ever insurance plan in Singapore that provides protection for you and your family against cyber risks.

Full Protection

You have complete peace of mind for your activities conducted on the internet, including protection against damage to e-reputation, fraudulent transactions on your credit card and theft of personal information.

Policy Limit

Cyber Protector covers up to $50,000 of protection in a policy year.

Legal Protection

Under this policy, you can seek legal advice over the phone and receive a legal representative to purse legal against against a third party if applicable.

Specific Events Coverage

You will be cover under specific events such as:

  • Damage to e-reputation
  • Identity theft
  • Unauthorized online transactions
  • Dispute with online merchants

Annual Premium

Annual premium for this policy is $234 (inclusive of GST).

Sum Insured

You will be insured starting from $25,000 per claim and up to $50,000 per year.

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