Product Comparison

Corporate Cyber Insurance

AIG Insurance

Unlike other existing cyber insurance, CyberEdge is designed to respond to a variety of cyber risk exposures not covered under conventional insurance policies.

As part of AIG efforts to improve their cyber insurance services, they have introduced:

  1. Detailed Threat Scoring and Analytics
  2. Proactive Loss Prevention Tools and Services

AIG provides their policyholders with a comprehensive risk management solution, CyberEdge. This solution provides innovative protection to help businesses safeguard against sensitive data breaches and other cyberspace threats.

Sompo International

Sompo cyber insurance offers:

  1. Coverage for outsourced providers at no extra cost
  2. Worldwide coverage, where permissible by law

Sompo ensure that their insurance is continuously updated to face new emerging cyber risk. Therefore, they offer additional services to help their policyholders better prepare against future threats via:

  1. Mitigation Activities
  2. Sompo International Cyber Risk Portal

Sompo offers their policyholders access to their Cyber Risk Portal which includes:

  1. Breach assistance – Access to Breach Assist Counsel for legal guidance in responding to an incident
  2. Cyber Risk Management – News, information, tools and services designed to make managing your organization’s cyber risk simple, affordable and effective

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