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CyberEdge for SMEs

Disruption and financial losses resulting from a cyber-attack are a significant concern for most businesses, yet many still only buy traditional insurance for physical assets and liabilities. It is important that SMEs also build cyber resilience and consider the business impact in the event their data or computer systems become compromised.

The likelihood of the occurrence of a cyber-attack has increased significantly as external threats become more technologically advanced and financially driven. Having a CyberEdge policy in addition to traditional types of insurance covers allows SMEs to manage their risks. CyberEdge covers the cost to investigate and rectify a cyber-attack as well as the loss of profit and reputation if the event is not managed correctly.


For small to multinational companies in all industries with a minimum revenue/ turnover/ fee income of at least US100,000 per annum.


Board Coverage

CyberEdge will pay for critical costs incurred in a cyber incident, which includes:

  • Ransom Attacks
  • Data Protection & Regulatory Obligations
  • Third Party Liability
  • Loss of Profit & Extra Expense

Cyber Breach Resolution Team

CyberEdge provides clients access to their cyber experts to help respond to any possible cyber threats.

Claims Service

AIG have 20 years experience in cyber related claims.

Other Services

CyberEdge incorporates other additional services to assist their client in managing and monitoring their cyber security. These services includes:

  • Forensic Services
  • IT Services
  • Legal Services
  • Public Relations Services

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