SME Data & Cyber Security

Who is it for?

Businesses may experience cyber attacks and become exposed to costly expenses and possible claims from third parties. Sompo Cyber Insurance can help you tackle the impact of cyber risks to your business, covering you for direct costs to your business and claims from third parties. This includes the risk of losing intellectual property or proprietary information



Tailored for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore, except the following sectors:

  • Online trading / gambling operators
  • Adult / social networking sites
  • E-commerce platforms that service payment transactions
  • Digital currency / credit & debit card exchanges
  • Financial institutions governed by Banking or Financial Institution Act (or related acts)

Businesses (including subsidiaries) must have the following procedures in place:

  • safeguards such as anti-virus firewall protection, recovery procedures or equivalent
  • perform weekly data backup
  • not connected to parent’s or main francise’s network
  • do not have any overseas operations



Board Coverage

We offer coverage on first and third party clauses. Every insurance cycle consists of 12 months. Businesses have the option to upgrade to the premium plan for greater liability coverage.


Affordable Premiums

Sompo Cyber Liability Insurance is competitively priced based on generated revenue, starting from S$1,012.50 (inclusive of GST).  Premiums for Premier Plan is 50% more than rates for standard plans. An additional 20% rate is required for unlimited retroactive date.


Greater Flexibility

Choose from 4 tiers of  liability coverage limit between S$250,000 to S$2,000,000 during the policy period.

Territory / Jurisdiction

We offer our coverage worldwide to various countries.


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